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Our Sushi Set is complete with 15 pieces, ideal for any Sushi Lover - Beginners or Pros.

  • Made of Real Bamboo
    Made of Real Bamboo
    100% Natural

    Our Sushi Mat is made of 100% Natural Bamboo, easy to use, clean and store. After use, just wash it with warm water and air dry before store it.

  • 4 Beautiful Chopsticks
    4 Beautiful Chopsticks
    Safe for All Ages

    Our Sushi Kit comes with 4 chopsticks, made of high-quality bamboo and designed to perfection. Without sharp edges it is safe for all ages.

  • Quality Rice Pad
    Quality Rice Pad
    Excellent Craftmanship

    Our rice pad has a sleek design and is engraved with the brand UR Happy Place in the handle. Perfect to spread your sushi rice to perfection.

  • Decorated Sushi Plate
    Decorated Sushi Plate
    Safe and Beautiful

    Beautiful and smooth, decorated with the Japanese Blossom Flowers, our Sushi Plate it is a luxury detail that can't be missed in a Sushi set.

Practical and Easy to Use


With the right size, our Sushi Kit is complete with all the pieces you need to make your sushi night a success.

  • Solid Oak Maki Mold
    Solid Oak Maki Mold
    Well Made and Durable

    With 2 separated pieces, our Maki Mold is the masterpiece of our Sushi Kit. Handmade with Solid Oak wood, it is resistant, easy to use and clean.

  • Stylish Bag
    Stylish Bag
    100% Cotton

    To keep your chopsticks and holder always handy and organized, our Sushi Kit comes with a 100% cotton beautiful and washable bag to store in style.

  • 2 Chopstick Holders
    2 Chopstick Holders
    Charming and Well Designed

    Our Sushi Set comes with 2 chopstick holders, made of quality wood, with personality and functionality to add a perfect touch to your sushi night.

  • 2 Sauce Dishes
    2 Sauce Dishes
    The Perfect Size and Quality

    Sauce dishes holds spices and your preferred sauces. Our Sushi kit comes with 2 sauce dishes to decorate your table, and complete your sushi dinner

Click to learn How to use your Maki Mold

A Maki Mold is a piece of wood, used by the Japaneses to make a square sushi into perfection.


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